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Photo of Jeff Dunham, Jimmy Nelson and Andy Gross

Here is an OLD¬†photo of myself with Jeff Dunham, Jimmy Nelson with Danny O’Day and Farfel. I am also holding one of my own dummies that I made back in the 90’s. I have made a handful of figure over the years. This one I am holding is no longer owned by me and in fact I do NOT know who owns it, so if anyone does let me know it would be nice to […]

Charlie McCarthy at the Smithsonian

I had a show the other day in Fairfax, VA. and I flew into Washington DC. I had about 3 hours down time so I ran over to the Smithsonian,¬†Museum of American History where the original Charlie McCarthy resides on floor 3. Edgar Bergen’s sidekick! For those that don’t know Candice Bergen is his daughter. Charlie McCarthy has to be in my opinion the best character ever and to see him live in person is […]

Back in Paris…

Back in Paris… I have been here for two nights and leave in the morning… I landed the day the US issued a travel warning for Europe… So far so good… But as nice as Paris is I’m ready to get back home… I have a couple weeks off to spend time with the family before I am off to TX and back east…

Went to Paris for one day

Went to Paris for one day with my daughter and we had the best time…. I had to fly out the next day back to Los Angeles and as soon as I landed in LA after a 12 hour flight I got a call about a show in, YEP… Paris… so I will be going back early Oct.