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Andy Gross featured by MTV

Andy Gross SplitMan featured on MTV check it here below: http://www.mtv.com/news/2150695/splitman-elevator-prank/      

Corporate Entertainment

I just came across and old article that was online that I had written about corporate entertainment. Thought it would be fun to share… Hi my name is Andy Gross and I am a corporate entertainer, comedian, magician and ventriloquist. I perform at compay parties, sales meetings, holiday parties and just about any other event companies have where they need good fun clean entertainment. May is the time of year that I begin to book shows […]

MindBoggling TV commercial

Here is a TV commercial that is being aired now promoting an upcoming public show at Tim’s Toyota Center Oct. 13th.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y01kjRtfwj8[/youtube]

Recent Newspaper article from Comedy Show

Here is a write up from a recent show.

Recent photo after a casino show..

Here is an after show photo of myself, Fred and Dana. I am back home again after a string of shows and will get to spend some time with the family for a while before I go back out again mid June… Andy Gross and MindBoggling

My New Pal on Stage!

My newest character that will be joining me on stage… Raj!  Come out and see us at a club near you soon…    

New Toby Jug Ventriloquist Dummy in Andy Gross’ collection

I just got a new Toby Jug Ventriloquist dummy from England. It is made by the very talented Punch and Judy performer and puppet master Geoff Felix from England. He is a great guy to work with and did a sensational job on this piece. It has a moving mouth and eyes that are controlled by hidden levers on the handle in the back. I will add more pictures later….