Just found this picture of me in Japan.. It was almost a year ago I was there.. time flys! It was such a fun time…

Recent photos from a show…

Here are a couple of fun photos that were just sent to me from a recent corporate show I did in FL. It was a great bunch of people and thanks for sending the photos, always nice to see..

New York Show

New York show was really a good time!

New York

Just got back from New York. Always fun but not the best time of year to visit. It was cold. I had some good shows and had a fun time performing at Dangerfields Comedy Club. Luckily I was able to get out 1 hour before they closed the airport down from a blizzard! Got a chance to recover at home for a couple days and I am off to the midwest again!

Performing at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club NY

I will be doing a special one night drop in set at the Legendary Dangerfields Comedy Club in NY. Jan 9th show starts at 9 pm. Come on by…