In Fairfield, IA. at the Sondheim Performing Arts Center

Houdini Museum in Appleton, WI.

Had some time to stop by and see the Houdini Museum in Appleton, WI.

Recent testimonials for MindBoggling The Show with Andy Gross

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]     Here are a couple of recent testimonials from performing arts centers after presenting Mindboggling The Show, starring entertainer Andy Gross and featuring the comedy juggling of Fred Anderson.  

Stopped by the American Gothic House

We were in Fairfield,. IA. and drove about 20 min. to Eldon, IA. where the original American Gothic house is! This is very cool from the famous painting by Grant Wood! I am with comedian juggler Fred Anderson

Stopped by Ronald Reagans boyhood house in Dixon, IL.

Had to stop and see Ronald Reagans boyhood home in Dixon, IL. We were heading to IA. and even though it was late we stopped by to see Reagans house! I even went up on the porch, not sure they wanted me to?   Also they have a large section of the Berlin wall on display down the street!