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I just came across and old article that was online that I had written about corporate entertainment. Thought it would be fun to share…

Hi my name is Andy Gross and I am a corporate entertainer, comedian, magician and ventriloquist. I perform at compay parties, sales meetings, holiday parties and just about any other event companies have where they need good fun clean entertainment. May is the time of year that I begin to book shows for company holiday parties and events.  Business both large and small all have holiday parties and or events throughout the year that include clean comedy entertainment. This is a great way to boost employee moral and have some fun. Employees really appreciate the entertainment. Everyone seems to love comedy magic, mentalism and ventrioquism it is fun, CLEAN entertainment and visual for everyone! I have been very fortunate that I have been able to work for so many great companies over the years. Last year alone I did corporate shows in 5 different countries!

If you are looking for corporate entertainment or planning a corporate
event, holiday party, conference or meeting then check out comedian, magician, ventriloquist, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, Andy Gross. If you are looking for corporate
entertainment that will motivate and inspire your employees this show is perfect and includes lots of great audience participation.

Comedian, magician, ventriloquist and Motivational Speaker Andy Gross offers
customized shows for corporate entertainment and motivational speaker
programs. Andy Gross has over 24 years of experience as a corporate

If you are looking for  corporate entertainment, a stage magician, illusionist
or motivational speaker Andy Gross is your guy.
Companies are selective when hiring entertainers and speakers. The shows
must always be clean and sophisticated for your companies taste. Andy has performed for ceo’s and top fortune 500 companies all over the world and is in constant demand for repeat performances.

Hire Andy Gross as your corporate entertainment.







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