Bought a new antique dummy today

I am in Cartersville, GA. visiting an old friend of mine I grew up with as we have a couple of days down on the road. He took me to the local magic shop in town and we met Al the owner of Pranksters magic and supply shop! He was a super nice guy to talk with and as we left with a few items I asked if he had any old ventriloquist dummies. He smiled and said come this way! My anticipation was building as he grabbed and old suitcase and started to open it. There in the box was a very nice old wood carved ventriloquist dummy. I thought it might have been a Frank Marshall dummy from the 30’s but it was a nice early Conrad Hartz ventriloquist dummy. I asked how much and minutes later he had a new home and a voice. I am always excited to add dummies to my collection.