Antique Ventriloquist Dummy for the Collection

Recently I was fortunate enough to be offered a very rare piece of Hollywood history memorabilia. I purchased the original ventriloquist dummy used by Lon Chaney in the 1924 silent film “The Unholy Three” The dummies name in the movie was Nemo and was made by Theodore Mack and Sons out of Chicago circa 1922. Many say that the original Charlie McCarthy was also made by Mack and Sons? This is an ongoing controversy amongst many ventriloquists and historians as to who actually did the carving on Charlie McCarthy… Was it Mack himself or one of his employees, Frank Marshall? Who knows… this will be a forever argument amongst ventriloquists… Either way both the Macks and certainly Frank Marshall were 2 of the biggest influences in the history of ventriloquism. I am always looking to purchase vintage, antique ventriloquist dummies and or items of any sort.