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Vail CO. newspaper article

Fun show in New Mexico

Just finished a really fun show in New Mexico. What a great crew they had at the theatre and such a great energetic audience.  Here are some fun photos from the show…. Even a pre show levitation test… Fun…

My daughter Morgan Lily is set to start filming her new movie…..

Morgan is starting work this week on her newest project the feature film titled “Cooties”  Staring Elijah Wood and some other very talented actors…      

Some fun pictures sent to me from a recent show!

This was a fun show in Lincoln, NE. It was a great group of people to work with. Thanks

Great New Years!

I had two great New Years Eve shows at the Mystique Casino in Debuque, IA. It is a great place and the people there are fantastic to work with.

With a McElroy ventriloquist dummy…

Here I am with one of the rarest dummies in the world, a McElroy ventriloquist dummy, very similar to the one I own. It was neat to see and handle another one other than mine. They truly are amazing to see up close and work with. The mechanics and design of these figures are incredible! There was only about 16 of the fully loaded McElroy dummies made with 14 or 15 of them accounted for! […]