New York Show


New York show was really a good time!

New York


Just got back from New York. Always fun but not the best time of year to visit. It was cold. I had some good shows and had a fun time performing at Dangerfields Comedy Club. Luckily I was able to get out 1 hour before they closed the airport down from a blizzard! Got a chance to recover at home for a couple days and I am off to the midwest again!

Performing at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club NY


I will be doing a special one night drop in set at the Legendary Dangerfields Comedy Club in NY. Jan 9th show starts at 9 pm. Come on by… 

Had a really fun time today.

Andy Gross with legendary ventriloquist Peter Rich

Had a really fun time today. I spent some time with 90 year old ventriloquist Peter Rich. He toured the world performing for over 70 years as a ventriloquist. A very nice man with great stories.. Here is a photo of me holding his Frank Marshall figure made in the early 40’s. It was fun as a few other local and national vents also were in town and came to lunch with us.

Performed for a really fun tech. group last night in Baltimore, MD.


Performed for a really fun tech. group last night in Baltimore, MD. Also had some great seafood! Well I am off to San Antonio, TX to perform Wed. 27th thru Sun. 31st (Halloween). If you are local or in town come on down and check out the show and say hello! Arrived in San Antonio tonight and had a good dinner and checked out the club which looks really nice… If you are in the […]