Cool Shot of McElroy Ventriloquist Dummy

Andy Gross' rare McElroy Brothers ventriloquist dummy

I am in the airport waiting to get out of South Dakota.. it is 1 degree… So Orlando will be nice tonight… I just saw this cool shot of my my 75 year old McElroy ventriloquist dummy. All original..


Comedian Andy Gross in Japan

Just found this picture of me in Japan.. It was almost a year ago I was there.. time flys! It was such a fun time…

Recent photos from a show…

Andy Gross and assistant on stage

Here are a couple of fun photos that were just sent to me from a recent corporate show I did in FL. It was a great bunch of people and thanks for sending the photos, always nice to see..

New York Show


New York show was really a good time!

New York


Just got back from New York. Always fun but not the best time of year to visit. It was cold. I had some good shows and had a fun time performing at Dangerfields Comedy Club. Luckily I was able to get out 1 hour before they closed the airport down from a blizzard! Got a chance to recover at home for a couple days and I am off to the midwest again!