Fun Video of my daughters at the Justin Bieber film premiere

Morgan Lily and Riley Jane

My daughters Morgan Lily and Riley Jane at the Justin Bieber premiere!

Having a great March tour

Andy Gross at the historic Cox Capital Theatre in Macon, GA.

Well we are getting near the end of our March tour and it has been really amazing. We have played some beautiful theatres both old and new. Some beautiful  historic theatres as well as new state of the art venues. Next stop is Gainesville, FL on the 21st for a one night special event at an intimate comedy club setting. I tour with the great comedian juggler Fred Anderson who has a similar  background as mine, in that we both started and […]

Bought a new antique dummy today

Andy Gross with new dummy

I am in Cartersville, GA. visiting an old friend of mine I grew up with as we have a couple of days down on the road. He took me to the local magic shop in town and we met Al the owner of Pranksters magic and supply shop! He was a super nice guy to talk with and as we left with a few items I asked if he had any old ventriloquist dummies. He […]

Half way through our March tour

Andy Gross

We are now half way through our March tour. So far we have met some really great people and have had a lot of fun shows. If you are in Macon, GA or near by come say hello on Saturday we are at the Cox Capital Theatre. Here is a video clip of us heading to our last venue in style… wish they would all be like this especially since I live in Los Angeles this is […]

In Chicago for a corporate show.


Flew into Chicago yesterday for a fun corporate show. It has been a while since I was here so it was nice to be able to see the city briefly.