Andy Gross Foreign MindBoggling The Show Poster

Foreign Press for Andy Gross' MindBoggling Show

McElroy Like Ventriloquist dummy mold

mcelroy like ventriloquist dummy head

Here is  a new ventriloquist dummy I am working on. He is made to look similar to my original McElroy dummy. Its a fun character and will be great to use him in the act.

Backstage Footage of Fred Anderson teaching Andy Gross to snap a whip

andy gross comedian, magician, ventriloquist

  Here is a video I just found of  me and Fred Anderson with the crew backstage as he tries to teach me how to snap a whip….  

My daughter Morgan Lily arrives at Step Up Revolution premiere

Morgan Lily

I had fun with my daughter Morgan Lily going to see Step Up Revolution. It was a cool movie and always good to spend time with my family when I am not traveling and they are not working… Photo Credit Sue Schneider_MGP Agency

New “MindBoggling The Show” Theatre PROMO video

andy gross MindBoggling The Show video