Andy Gross’ “MindBoggling” show at Tim’s Toyota Arena AZ.

magician comedian andy gross

  Andy Gross will be coming to Tim’s Toyota Center in Prescott, AZ. Oct. 13th at 7pm. ONE show only! Check out the promo video for the show above!    

Charlie McCarthy at the Smithsonian

Andy Gross at the Smithsonian with Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dummy

I had a show the other day in Fairfax, VA. and I flew into Washington DC. I had about 3 hours down time so I ran over to the Smithsonian, Museum of American History where the original Charlie McCarthy resides on floor 3. Edgar Bergen’s sidekick! For those that don’t know Candice Bergen is his daughter. Charlie McCarthy has to be in my opinion the best character ever and to see him live in person is […]

Andy Gross Foreign MindBoggling The Show Poster

Foreign Press for Andy Gross' MindBoggling Show

McElroy Like Ventriloquist dummy mold

mcelroy like ventriloquist dummy head

Here is  a new ventriloquist dummy I am working on. He is made to look similar to my original McElroy dummy. Its a fun character and will be great to use him in the act.

Backstage Footage of Fred Anderson teaching Andy Gross to snap a whip

andy gross comedian, magician, ventriloquist

  Here is a video I just found of  me and Fred Anderson with the crew backstage as he tries to teach me how to snap a whip….