Steve “the Customer Service Guy”

Andy Gross with Steve the customer service guy...

Here is Steve giving me a hard time once again. We will be on the road most of March in the Midwest come on out and meet Steve, maybe he can give you some computer advice!

Andy Gross at Tim’s Toyota Center Newspaper Ad

Andy Gross at Tims Toyota newspaper 2012

Audience Volunteer Levitation

Andy Gross levitates a volunteer

I have been working on a new illusion where I get an actual audience volunteer from the audience and levitate them! So far so good! 

Great New Years!

Comedian Andy Gross at Casino

I had two great New Years Eve shows at the Mystique Casino in Debuque, IA. It is a great place and the people there are fantastic to work with.

With a McElroy ventriloquist dummy…

Andy Gross with another rare McElroy Ventriloquist Dummy

Here I am with one of the rarest dummies in the world, a McElroy ventriloquist dummy, very similar to the one I own. It was neat to see and handle another one other than mine. They truly are amazing to see up close and work with. The mechanics and design of these figures are incredible! There was only about 16 of the fully loaded McElroy dummies made with 14 or 15 of them accounted for! […]