Had fun at the Smithsonian Institute visiting Charlie McCarthy and Howdy Doody

Charlie McCarthy

I was back east last week wrapping up my Dec. shows in Pittsburgh, Philly, DC and Arlington, VA.  I had a couple of days down between shows and decided to go by the Smithsonian and see the original Charlie McCarthy and one of the original Howdy Doody puppets. Howdy is called Photo Doody as he was the original Howdy’s stand in for most photos etc. Here are some photos… DC is a great place to […]

My daughter Riley Jane Tide Commercial

Riley Jane  

Andy Gross with The Great Lester’s Dummy Broadway Eddie

great lester gs crop

Here is an old photo I just found of me with The Great Lester’s figure Broadway Eddie! Also below is the Great Lester himself and Eddie!

Fun Show at Pocono Palace

Andy Gross at Pocono Palace Resort

This is a great place to visit and perform… Check out Pocono Palace in East Stroudsburg, PA.  

Fun show in New Mexico

Andy Gross and Fred Anderson

Just finished a really fun show in New Mexico. What a great crew they had at the theatre and such a great energetic audience.  Here are some fun photos from the show…. Even a pre show levitation test… Fun…