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Andy Gross comedy magic

My son Jordan David


  Proud of my son Jordan David who was featured in the popular Japanese fashion magazine, Clutch.   Plus he just finished working with Rob Lowe on a new project….  

One of my favorite Frank Marshall Ventriloquist dummies in my collection


 I just love the face on  this 1940’s Frank Marshall ventriloquist dummy. All original…  

Frank Marshall Ventriloquist Wood Carved Marionette Head.

Frank Marshall Wood Carved Ventriloquist Marionette head

Here is a Frank Marshall Ventriloquist wood carved marionette head. It is in my collection and is one of my favorite pieces. Frank did not make that many marionettes so they are very rare to find…  

A Frank Marshall Ventriloquist dummy from my collection


Here is a nice example of a Frank Marshall Ventriloquist dummy. Frank carved some of the most well known ventriloquist dummies in history including, Jerry Mahoney, Danny O’Day, Farfel and some even say Charlie McCarthy. Frank was responsible for creating the look that most people picture when they think of a typical wood carved ventriloquist dummy. This one was used by Jimmy Fitzgerald in the late 30’s until his retirement.  He is now in my […]